On yet another occasion a technical specialist spent numerous months in England collecting data for the reproduction of scenes in London's Mayfair, and specifically to get a sequence displaying an Oxford-Cambridge boat race. During this time a director flew each day in a quick airplane more than southern California in search of places. Lastly the boat race was pictured close to San Pedro.

While it expenses only one-twentieth as significantly to film a foreign scene in sunny California because it would to transport a business of possibly two,000 to the country depicted, at times the physical difficulties attempt the mettle of actors and technicians. No African desert could burn any hotter than the Imperial Valley. The truth is, it often becomes important to lighten the complexion of actors following the Imperial sun has baked them two weeks. And summer storms and winter snows at times chase them back to Hollywood or freeze them in, in some mountain "Russia" or "Siberia".

air travel for everybody (Sep, 1946)

air travel for everybody


IN A half-dozen plants converted to peacetime pursuits, riveting hammers are pounding out aircraft to bring transportation by air to a huge number of American hamlets at a cost virtually any traveler will likely be able to afford.

Some of these air liners, built from style lessons discovered throughout the war, will be capable to cross the United states in less than seven hours. Some, engineered specifically for nearby flights on interurban schedules, are going to be only half that fast. All of them, for the initial time in the history of the U.S. air transport , are getting built for distinct purposes.

Conveniences for the traveler that these planes will present reflect the public's criticisms from the air carriers for the final decade. In addition they deliver a fairly fantastic image of what the public wants-and is going to get-from the air lines in the next 5 years swiss replica watches omega omega watch fake best omega replicas .

The public is fed up with traveling at 200 m.p.h. among terminals then waiting 20 minutes or much more to retrieve a traveling bag, laboriously unloaded from badly made transports. So, presently omega swiss replicas , the air passenger will likely be capable to carry his own bag aboard and stow it under his seat or in a rack more than his head, or in a particular baggage compartment at the plane's entryway.

A current picture shows actors in the British Foreign workplace. This was correctly reproduced, even to cobblestones on the street, from photographs and drawings. When George Arliss played "Disraeli," the English garden scenes had been filmed at the well-known Busch garden at Pasadena. Night jungle scenes for a different image had been "shot" on a Los Angeles estate. And when the snow melted away from a Russian mountain scene, the organization returned to Hollywood and completed the close-ups, applying gypsum for ice along with a painted curtain to represent the snow-laden trees inside the background.

One script referred to as for scenes to be laid on islands bordering the South Seas. "Prop" palms have been planted inside a cove on Catalina island, carpenters constructed high prows and repainted several canoes, and 200 Hollywood extras, blacked with grease paint, took spears in their hands and became man-eating warriors. But you'd not have known, in viewing the picture, that the scene was practically 100 percent "movie made".

South Seas in California For yet another image an actor was shown on the floor from the ocean near a South Seas island. In truth, he did descend towards the ocean's bottom and was filmed using a specific camera. However the waving sea grasses were "planted" there to resemble the floor quite a few thousand miles additional south.

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